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(TAUBERT, H A17702)
TAUBERT, HERMAN D. What Color Are You? (16mm film). Directed by Herman D. Taubert; written by Lynda Gottlieb with Amram Scheinfeld. Educational film addressed to elementary and intermediate grade school children (ages 10-13.) The film is designed to answer questions children have about race such as 'Why am I White? Black? Asian?,'' to show that pigment is the same in all people, but some children have more of it than others, as the result of genetic mutations from a common ancestor. A bit simplistic due primarily to its brevity, but well reviewed in its day by American Anthropologist, the American Friends Service Committee and others; and still in use in school libraries throughout the country. One reel 16 mm. film, 15 min., sound. In protective metal can. Chicago, Encyclopedia Britannica Corp., 1967. Very good, mild use. Sold as is. $40.00

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