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BERGMAN, MIRANDA. Keeps on Rollin' (Original signed print from Freedom or Slavery: The Paul Robeson Portfolio). Original numbered signed print from Freedom or Slavery: The Paul Robeson Portfolio Miranda Bergman's image makes reference to many of Robeson's political commitments, his life-long campaigns for civil rights, workers' rights, African rights, socialism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism. A close look at the piece also reveals how Robeson changed the words to Old Man River, turning it from a song of resignation into one of resistance. In his post-1936 concert recitals Robeson made significant changes to the lyrics, among which were the following: Instead of "Tote that barge! / Lift that bale! / Git a little drunk, / An' you land in jail...", Robeson sang "Tote that barge and lift dat bale!/ You show a little grit and / You lands in jail..." Instead of "Ah gits weary / An' sick of tryin'; / Ah'm tired of livin' / An skeered of dyin', / But Ol' Man River, / He jes' keeps rolling along!" , Robeson sang "But I keeps laffin'/ Instead of cryin' / I must keep fightin'; / Until I'm dyin', / And Ol' Man River, / He'll just keep rollin' along!" 25 x 20 in. Limited signed ed. of 100. Printed by Alliance Graphics, 1998. Fine. $225.00

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